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Steve Coetzee

CEO and Co-Founder

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Steve is a former businessman and a professional sportsman. He has over 20 years of experience leading local and international operations to bring relief to children in developing countries. While serving as a director for several large international non-profit ministries, Steve was provided the opportunity to spearhead hundreds of relief efforts to communities devastated by personal hardships, natural disasters, and disease. In recent years, Steve has worked in more than 26 countries and has been blessed to bring life-saving help to some of those most in need. He is passionate about providing global emergency relief efforts to impoverished communities and children in need. Steve's personal love for God and passion to make a difference that is eternal fuel his commitment to go into all the work with a message of hope. 

Barbara Coetzee

Vice-President and Co-Founder


Barbara is a creative designer, former businesswoman, and is the co-founder of IAM. She has over 20 years of experience working in non-profit management and project management.  Barbara has always had a passion for helping children in developing countries and is uniquely positioned to use her expertise to transform communities by providing them with access to clean water and empowering leaders through the principles of Jesus Christ. 

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